AS MTO is intended for storage accounting at the maintenance storage, attached to the enterprise network; obtaining various data about availability and consumption of supplies; watching the level of not reducing reserve; accounting requests and contracts for supplies of equipment and monitoring their execution.

AS MTO begins its work with generation of various reference sections in order to check the proper connection to the system functions, reduce input data volumes and exclude duplication during different operations.

AS MTO primary data are ratings of numbered equipment (drawing number, series, factory number, nomenclature number, guarantee term of exploitation, working life, leasing, etc); data about a consignment of equipment of general industrial and commodity groups (group and kind of equipment, a consignment number, nomenclature number, certification, manufacturing date, working life, etc), entered into the system at a time of initial receipt.

The motion of equipment at the storages (change in the information about availability and status of equipment) is automatically accompanied by the document turnover, which corresponds to the performed operations.

By now the system generates the following documents:

  • Income warrant - IW
  • Expenditure warrant - EW
  • Warrant - W
  • Commodity warant - CW

These documents correspond to the following operations:

  • Initial receipt of equipment - IW
  • Sale of equipment - EW
  • Delivery for repair and reclamation - EW or CW
  • Receipt from repair or reclamation - IW
  • Delivery to aircraft depot - W and IW
  • Receipt from aircraft depot - W and IW

The document's number and date, the storage number (where operation takes place), the name of responsible person (storekeeper) are generated automatically (on connection). When generating a certain document the following data is used:

  • Delivered to/from whom (selection from the list)
  • The list of equipment (selection from the list always, except the first receipt)

AS MTO processes queries about availability and relocation of equipment; informs about individual equipment card, about leasing aggregates and results of checking the end of leasing, about aggregates with guarantee term of exploitation and working life and results of checking the dates of expire, about results of watching the not reducing reserve and many other things.

AS MTO database contains archives of documents. It is possible to view archives from various aspects. The suggested list of operations and documents may be adjusted to the Customer's requirements. It may be extended and modified. The view and contents of documents may be modified too, etc. If necessary the Developer ensures the proper language for all issued documents and interaction.

At present JSC Programmprom completed development of the Software, which makes it possible to use the   t e c h n o l o g y    o f    b a r   c o d i n g    in the implementation of AS MTO functions, in particular, forming queries on the base of reading and decoding of bar codes; making up the inventory of maintenance storage, etc.
The new Software has been put into operation in the "Ural Airlines" (the city of Ekaterinburg, Russia).